So what's the news? Following are a few current projects / jobs, which I finished recently or am still working on.

  • Custom Community 2

    Take-over, completion and further development of the successor of the popular Custom Community theme for WordPress, on authority of Themekraft UG.

    Activities include making excessive use of the Theme Customization API, plugin development (premium plugin, plus seperate plugins to support WooCommerce and BuddyPress), extensive Javascript programming as well as usability optimizations.

    Main goals: Nicely readable, comprehensable and properly documentated source code(»Read the code«), OOP, consistent usability and accessibility of the user interface (both front- and backend), as well as good Child Theme support


  • Geardude

    Meta search engine for ads of musical instruments, equipment, DJing tools, combined with community functionalities and the option of adding own ads.

    Frontend is based on WordPress and BuddyPress; originally planned task: Pushing the development of the site. Realized till now is the conversion towards a responsive theme (based on Bootstrap), improved usability, etc.

    After a short break, the development was reinitialized around begin of April 2014.

    Planned release time: Q3/2014


  • WooCommerce Multistep Checkout

    After a loooong time of planing, this gem is finally getting done: A WordPress plugin to create a "Multistep Checkout" for WooCommerce.

    For now, the prototype consists of source code, that's been quick'n'dirty slapped together, consisting of parts of theme implementations and a few ideas of my own. The finaly goal is, to convert it into a proper plugin with own, seperate template files, easy customization of the single checkout steps (order and activation), plus adding lots of useful Action and Filter Hooks.

    Planned completion of the initial version: Approx. March 2014


  • Reiners' Musikladen

    Redesign and completion of the website of a music supply dealer, located in Wolfratshausen, Germany. Combines a reguler website with a shop system, using WordPress and WooCommerce, plus some Responsive Webdesign (Bootstrap framework).

    Project was put on hold till re-initialization in Decembre 2013.
    Planned completion: March 2014


  • Wolfgang Sawallisch-Stiftung

    Complete remolding of the website of the "Prof. Wolfgang Sawallisch-Stiftung", Grassau, Germany. WordPress, a bootstrap-based theme, while replacing the default shipped slideshow with Unslider and default the lightbox with Nivo Lightbox. Plus a handful of utilities (eg.

    Project duration: 11/2013 - 01/2014



    Technical realization of the website of the mROBOTA GmbH, which is offering clooud-based software solutions, focused on the publishing sector. Foundation is WordPress, followed by a modern, responsive Theme using Twitter Bootstrap, strong focus on good typography, as well as a lot of Javascript details (eg., to counteract the well-known «Equal Heights» issue)

    Project duration: 10/2013 - 11/2013


  • Digiphant-Redesign

    Restructuring of the currently in-use WordPress theme of the Digiphant GmbH, Germany, ordered by Deinhardt GmbH, towards more modern techniques, with special attention on Responsive Webdesign as well as creative approach towards the Windows Metro style.

    Project duration: 08/2013 - 10/2013


    Redesign of the website of the jewelry designer Sara Lashay. WordPress as base, WooCommerce for the e-commerce part, plus multilingualism. Excessive amount of work and time went into the latter one, using the qTranslate plugin, because any other solutions proofed to be either too immature or unusable. Aside of that, strong attention was paid towards mobile usability (Bootstrap Framework, HeadJS).

    Project duration: 06/2013 - 08/2013


Projects before June 2013:

More information about my work before 06/2013 is to be found at the old version of Usability Idealist, as well as a regular document (available in several formats, eg. Word, OpenOffice etc.), including a very elaborate project history, contact info and a short CV (to be found at my networking website).

Not just for sale ...

.. and also not available for every kind of «fun».

But full of enthusiam and passion for my line of work. Available for hire on a per hour or day contract basis. With strong focus on Usability and Accessibility. Interested? Get in contact with me ;-)


One of the key aspects of my work is WordPress, the well-known Content Management System and blogging solution, which I've been using both as a regular user as well as a developer for more than 10 years.

E-Commerce & Shop solutions

WooCommerce JigoShop

xt:Commerce, osCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Jigoshop as well as independent solutions. This includes pure frontend development, plus system programmaing, up to creation and administration of full-mounted shop websites.

Happenings elsewhere:

A few selected references into the Elsewhere, including posts of my private weblog, my blog roll plus networking partners.

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My personal, human, direct recommendations:

  • Daniel Kuhnlein

    Profession: Multimedia designer & developer

    Keywords: Animation, Flash, Canvas, Aesthetik

  • Mirko Lemme

    Profession: Web developer & graphic designer

    Keywords: Screendesign, WordPress, Timber, Twig

  • Jan Christoph Gack

    Profession: Web developer & Entrepreneur

    Keywords: E-Commerce, Magento, Ecology

  • David Wolski

    Profession: Systemadministrator, Web developer, IT Security

    Keywords: Unix, TÜV Süd, PHP

    Without further addo: A very competent and knowledge-able someone, whom I'd be happily working together again any time ;-)

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